Bioethanol Journal “Biofuels in Mexico”

Bioethanol Journal ( is a peer-reviewed open-access journal launched by De Gruyter Open Access with an editorial board made up of experts in this field (please find attached the Bioethanol Journal flyer).

We would like to invite you to submit your research article, for the upcoming Special Issue on Recent progress on biofuels in Mexico. Research articles should be submitted through our Online Manuscripts Submission System ( Please visit the Instructions for Authors before submitting a manuscript: (

For this special issue, the articles cover all fields of Biofuels production from first, second and third generation:

– Feedstocks for first, second and third generation
– Pretreatments process
– Enzymes production
– Enzymatic hydrolysis process
– Microorganisms for biofuels production
– Operational strategies of hydrolysis/fermentation
– Consolidated bioprocessing
– Downstream processing process
– Technical and economic analysis of biofuels production
– Life cycle assessment
– Reviews, overviews and perspectives on the production of biofuels are also welcome.
Manuscript submission deadline for this special issue: June 30, 2017. Bioethanol Journal does not currently require any publication charges for your submission, color charges, or article processing charges.
Issue online:August, 2017. Manuscripts accepted ahead of the above schedule will appear online, with a number DOI and pages number. 
Aims and Scope
Why subscribe and read:
Bioethanol is the first open-access journal dedicated exclusively to bioethanol production process.
Bioethanol promotes and disseminates the knowledge to the international bioethanol research communities in both academia and industry.  The journal serves as the central international peer-reviewed electronic publication hub for bioethanol research.
Reports all the latest cutting edge research documenting the development of bioethanol production.
Bioethanol publishes high quality peer-reviewed manuscripts.
Why submit:
Bioethanol is an open-access journal granting unrestricted wide readership and extending the reach of research beyond its immediate academic circle.
It provides transparent, comprehensive and fast peer-review process.
No page charges.
The journal publishes on a continuous basis guaranteeing a rapid publication of accepted manuscripts.
Bioethanol accommodates different styles and formats, and welcomes research articles, short communications, methods articles, letters to the editor, mini-reviews and review articles.
Dynamic forum for the fast growing international research community, enabling interactions between scientists.
Bioethanol serves as a central hub to rapidly publish and share the knowledge and current advancement in the bioethanol research.The articles online. special issue of “Biofuels in Mexico” in Bioethanol is part of the 2017 activities of the “Red Temática de Bioenergía (Mexican Thematic Network on Bioenergy) ( Publications may be original papers or reviews related to the topics listed above.

As a support from the Thematic Network of Bioenergy, the network will assume the cost of editing the language of your contributions written in English. The purpose of the edition is to support you in the correct manuscript drafting. If you request it, before submitting your article to Bioethanol (check the submission dates stated above), please send your manuscript to Dr. Alfredo Martinez ( The editing process takes about two weeks and once the language is edited (by a company dedicated to this activity) we will return the file with the suggested editions; then you can correct your manuscript and proceed to submit it to Bioethanol. It should be stated that the editing process does not imply that the article will be accepted. Also, the edition support will proceed with the commitment that the contribution will be submitted to the Bioethanol Journal and that the publication should include as authors and / or co-authors at least two members of the Mexican Thematic Network on Bioenergy (be a member of the network: an example related to special issues supported by the Mexican Thematic Network on Bioenergy, we suggest to visit the following links, where you will find the special issue that was published last year in the Bioenergy Research Journal with the topic “Bioenergy in Mexico”:

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